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5-10kg Multi-Purpose Adhesive


Here at Instant Direct we offer 5kg & 10kg tubs of multi-purpose adhesive.


Here at Instant Direct we offer 5-10kg tubs of multi-purpose adhesive. Our multi-purpose adhesive is a two component polyurethane based adhesive compound system that is primarily designed to be used for bonding sand filled artificial grass to our special seam joining tape which produces a strong and invisible joint along the seam of the two grass layers.

Within your tub of multi-purpose adhesive is a smaller tub of hardener which should be mixed with the adhesive at a ratio of 10:1. We highly recommend using mechanical assistance when mixing the two compounds. This can be done via a cordless hand drill with the appropriate attachment or on a larger scale using a paddle mixer (these can be hired from your local tool hire company at a small cost).

Poorly mixed adhesives will remain soft and not cure correctly and it is for this reason that we highly recommend making sure the sides and bottom of your tub have been properly mixed together, using a broad head scraper or mechanical paddle mixer would help eliminate any chance of an un-hybridised mixture.

Once applied the bonding adhesive will take between 2 and 24 hours to cure depending upon the temperature and will reach maximum strength within 4 days (96 hours). Please find below a curing time table for the Instant Direct 5kg Multi-Purpose Adhesive:

Ambient temperature Curing time
5 degrees Celsius 24 hours
10 degrees Celsius 12 hours
20 degrees Celsius 4 hours
30 degrees Celsius 2 hours

It is important to remember that mixed adhesives should NEVER be applied to wet surfaces as this interrupts the curing process and could potentially create a poor, under-developed bond.

When using Instant Direct multi-purpose adhesive and hardener you should always observe and follow the correct safety instructions that are provided on the containers. You should always avoid contact with skin, eyes or any exposed areas. Instant Direct multi-purpose adhesive is a 100% liquid isocyanate, commonly referred to as ‘elastic adhesives’ due to there incredible elasticity before the point of fracture (in some cases as much as 600%).


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