artificial green wall restaurant
Ever wondered where would be best to put your artificial green wall? .......heres our 8 ideal places. Artificial Green Walls are becoming more favoured over living green walls. Why? Because they are cost effective, low maintenace, look beautiful, no restriction to where they can be installed and pose no allergy risks. So you’ve decided an artificial green roof is the best option for your home, garden, office, or business premises. However your not sure where
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artificial greenery benefits
What are the benefits of installing artificial plants in our homes & offices? Studies show both live and artificial greenery, including plants and green walls, improve our wellbeing and mood. Greenery provides a calming and relaxed atmosphere. Artificial plants and green walls can make buildings and offices more aestheically pleasing. So why choose artificial instead of live plants? Firstly these days it is extremley difficult to tell the difference between live and artificial plants, they
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Artificial Turf Balcony Area
Artificial Turf Balcony Artificial turf creates a stunning balcony seating area all year round. Also with the bonus of no dirty feet and cutting requirements. Artificial turf is a great alternative to real grass and looks realistic with our high quality grass.. Our artificial grass is premium grade which is low maintenace and easy to install. Many benefits make artificial turf a great choice. Including Easy to Install Environmentally friendly – no pesticides required Child
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Outdoor Architectural artificial wall plants
Inspire your outdoor architectural imagination. If you have the vision and imagination look at the possibilities. In this case a beautiful artificial green wall display incororating a variety of artifical plants has been created. For one thing the potential is endless. More popular than ever before! Artificial green displays are much more common than ever before. The once tacky looking plastic plants and trees were always looked down upon. However with the high quality of
office greenery solutions
Transforming indoors with artificial hedges With a little imagination look what can be created on a once boring factory stairwell. Studies show greenery around the work place promotes a happy positive work environment. Therefore gaining better production throughout the work place. There are many options available now for instant green screening.  Such as traditional boxwood, ivy leaves or a more visual stunning green wall display. Which can be achieved using multiple types of foliage. Creating
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