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The benefits of artificial greenery

artificial greenery benefits

What are the benefits of installing artificial plants in our homes & offices?

Studies show both live and artificial greenery, including plants and green walls, improve our wellbeing and mood.

artificial greenery benefitsGreenery provides a calming and relaxed atmosphere. Artificial plants and green walls can make buildings and offices more aestheically pleasing.

So why choose artificial instead of live plants?

Firstly these days it is extremley difficult to tell the difference between live and artificial plants, they are so realistic.

Both live and artificial plants offer benefits to our wellbeing and health. However live greenery can not always be used in dark, dingy areas where they would be most beneficial.

Artificial greenery offers many benefits:

  • No (Low) Maintenance
  • Robust
  • Long Lasting
  • Situate anywhere (No need to be in direct sunlight)
  • Ideal for dark, dingy areas
  • Look realistic
  • Cost effective
  • Cleaner
  • Reduced risk of allergies
  • Attract less insects & bugs indoors

artificial plants

Artificial greenery and live plants also work great together. Most people assume you must choose one or the other. However they can be combined to achieve all the benefits from both. Live plants that bloom all year round and don’t drop leaves are the best choice for using with artificial greenery.

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